Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Congrats To The Under 8 Hour Winners!

This has been so much fun! You guys rock! I'll put these in order of when I received them. For some authors this is the second book in the series that they started on Joe Konrath's blog and were winners on his site. I'm listing their 1st book under their newest one in the series. If there are any mistakes, please let me know.


Design by the Sea (sweet gay romance), by Hollis Shiloh

Rudy is excited to be working for his old friend, the shy, bewildered, terminally handsome Wes, who's inherited a bunch of antiques and a mandate to turn a mansion overlooking the sea into a museum housing them. As an interior designer, Rudy is confident he can help. But he doesn't expect the trouble that comes from a possibly-cursed crown, a jealous Roman antiquities expert... or the possibility of falling in love. A 14,700 word contemporary gay romance.  Heat level is sweet. 

FREE today!
Price: $1.99


Robert had just been let go from his supervisor role at a tech firm. After an interview at Geek Tech, Inc., he agrees to a one-time test run to see if he'll like the job, since the entire situation seems a bit shady and his predecessor was killed on the job. He needs the money with a new wife and a baby on the way. Come along for the journey as he fixes computers and technology in a world of goblins, dwarves, elves, trolls, orcs, and talking horses. Robert's journey is good for a few laughs and will get you thinking, whether you're a full-fledged geek or just a geek-in-training.

Price: $1.25                                                                                              

  Sea by Jordan Reece

 Half-faeries Reveille and Jamison have a tall order to fill and precious little time. The agency has sent them to a swinger convention to procure venom from a merewif. With the ability to gauge demonic ancestry through having sex with prospective targets, both partners are on the prowl.

But the information about recognizing this elusive merewif is scant, and the convention is swarming with potential demons. Are they going to make their deadline or is this going to be the first case they can’t bring to a successful climax?

Price: $1.99  
Free from September 10th-11th
(This is the second book in his series)


Fire by Jordan Reece

He's handsome, stacked, rich, and sexy . . . but is he a demon?

When the agency sends out its two best procurers to retrieve a moscalo demon, Reveille and Jamison have no idea that Lachlan Baughan is going to be anything but a routine gig. Both half-faeries, they can only determine ancestry by having sex with their targets.

But things don't go quite as planned. Is Reveille playing Lachlan for the spell she needs, or is Lachlan playing her?

Price: $1.99
( 1st book in his series that was on Joe's blog)

Carjack Kidnap by Jeff Ezell

Hunter the K9 detective takes you on a search along with his handler and trainer, JC Ekert who is assisted by the invaluable flanker, Margie Steigerwald. They are like volunteers from your community willing to invest their time with no compensation, usually paying their own expenses.

Will Hunter solve the mystery and save the kidnapped baby? You will learn how the team is challenged by area conditions, politics, and other conflicts to work together with law enforcement to bring the missing person home.

Will Hunter and the team detect clues that can be used to capture and convict any foul play actors? You will learn how this is done. 
Price: $0.99