Monday, September 2, 2013

With the blessings from Joe Konrath 
I have started this 8 hour ebook challenge like he did on his site. Everybody is welcome! I hope with Joe's inspiration we can get fellow authors to join in and give it a try. I will be doing this every month, maybe more often if anyone is interested.

The first round of this challenge will be due by Sept. 9th, 2013 and I will post them on Sept. 10th, 2013. If you'd like to see how Joe Konrath did it, go to his link
The same rules will apply as on Joe's site:

1. Email me the header 8 HOUR WINNER in all capital letters. Email:
2. In the email include the Amazon link, a five sentence book description, and the price
3. Attach a jpg of the cover art.
4. Do this by midnight, Sept. 9th

On Sept. 10th I will post a blog featuring everyone who followed the above instructions. You might consider making your ebook free on that date in KDP Select, because the more freebies there are, the more traffic the post will get, and the more downloads you'll get.

We can keep track of sales by you letting me know how your book is doing if you'd like.

Thank you Joe Konrath for your blessings on this project! 

I hope I get interested authors out there!


  1. Thanks, Patty. Appreciate you taking on the challenge.
    This inspires me to do more and create a series.


  2. Hi Jeff!
    I'm so excited to be able to do this! I hope word spreads and all of us do something with this. Thank you very much for joining! :)

  3. Good luck to everyone. I look forward to what everyone accomplishes. I am not participating this round but will try to during the next.

  4. Thank you Brian! I'll be looking forward to what you come up with in the future!